New MAbs Specific to Cardiac Troponin T

Published: 30.08.2017

The cardiac isoform of troponin T (cTnT) is widely used as a marker of myocardial cell injury.

cTnT has the same release kinetics into the bloodstream and the same sensitivity for minor myocardial necrosis as cTnI.

We provide three new monoclonal antibodies that are suitable for the development of high-sensitivity cTnT immunoassays.

In our in-house assays they show superior sensitivity with limit of detection better than 0.3 ng/L and high specificity (no cross-reaction to cTnI or to skeletal isoforms of TnT up to 30 ng/L).

Antibodies for research purposes
We provide several MAbs with different epitopes along the cTnT molecule that are recommended for research purposes (see Figure 1 in our cTnT TechNotes).

cTnT antigens
We provide native antigens purified from human and animal tissues as well as recombinant human cTnT and slow and fast skeletal TnT proteins. The skeletal proteins are ideal for studying immunoassay cross-reactivity to these isoforms.

Download Cardiac troponin T (cTnT) TechNotes.


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