Hytest cookie policies

We use cookies to make our website work better. Cookies are used for example for shopping cart to keep the products you added there. We also use cookies for statistical purposes as well as marketing purposes.

All the cookie data is anonymous.

What cookies are?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s device via browser. Cookies are unique but anonymous identifiers that can be used for identifying and calculating the number of the individual browsers that visit a website. A cookie is stored on the user’s device only in connection with the visit to the requested site, and only the server that stored the cookie can read and use it.

Browser technology and server logs enable us to collect information on how and when our services are used.

Cookies are collected for improving the service

We use cookies for analyzing and improving our service. The technology also enables us to offer a better user experience: the service can remember the user, so the user does not need to enter their username and password or set their preferences every time they use the service.

Visitor statistics

Hytest website uses cookies and similar technologies for tracking our services’ visitor numbers and measuring the effectiveness of our communication. 

The user cannot be identified based on the cookies that we use. Taking into account the privacy laws and the data file description of each service, the data collected by using cookies and similar technologies may be combined with other information provided by the user in different circumstances.

Cookies and technologies used in the Hytest website

Functional cookies

These cookies enable the functionalities of the website, including signing in, adding products to the cart and completing entries. In practice, these cookies enable the site to remember the signed-in user and their previously selected products and entries.

Product development and administrative reporting

This data enables us to improve the user experience of our website and to create reports for supporting business decision making. It enables Hytest to determine which of our products are popular on the website and which are the most used features of our services. It allows us to offer you better services and features.

Targeted communication

We target communication based on the use of the Hytest website and provide targeted advertising based on the use of third-party websites. We use these cookies for providing our visitors with information that is as relevant and interesting to them as possible.

What can you do about the use of cookies?

When a user clears the cookies in their browser, they change the identifier which the user’s behavioral profile is based on. However, this does not stop the collection of data or the targeting of digital advertising but rather resets any targeting that was based on the previous behavioral data.


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