Cardiac Markers

Cardiovascular diseases are a group of disorders that occur in the heart and blood vessels. They are the world’s leading cause of death.

For over 20 years, HyTest has been at the forefront of the development of reagents for cardiovascular diseases diagnostics.

We offer a broad panel of well-characterized antibodies and antigens, as well as analyte depleted serum or plasma products that are suitable for immunoassay development on various platforms.

Continuous investment in research

Cardiac marker research has always been the key focus of interest at HyTest. We have studied several markers, including troponin I, proBNP and its derivatives, PAPP-A and IGFBP-4. Our scientists have either authored or co-authored almost 30 cardiac marker related articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals. And this investment in scientific work has helped us to develop raw materials that are used by the world’s leading diagnostics companies. HyTest scientists have also actively worked in IFCC and AACC standardization committees.

Cardiac troponin I

Cardiac troponin I is the gold standard biomarker for diagnosing myocardial infarction. This marker has always been at the center of our focus. Among numerous monoclonal antibodies developed against troponin I, we have carefully selected 35 for our catalog. We also provide other troponin I related products which include a wide selection of different purified troponin preparations - both native and recombinant. In 2004, HyTest’s cardiac troponin complex material was chosen as a raw material for the international troponin standard.

For more information on troponin I, please visit our Troponin I products pages or download the Troponin I booklet.

Cardiac marker products
Monoclonal antibodies
Polyclonal antibodies
Plasma and sera

Markers of myocardial infarction used for prognosis and diagnosis. Markers are different in both timing and specificity.