Sponsoring SensUs 2017

Published: 30.11.2016

New innovations in biosensing technologies are critical for driving the development of diagnostic systems towards small, easy-to-use systems that allow versatile ways to monitor different biomarkers. SensUs is a platform of open innovation intended for students. It is an international competition where multidisciplinary teams of students compete on developing molecular biosensors. SensUs 2017 is being organized by students at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) in collaboration with professors of international universities.

This year there are ten student teams from ten different universities around the world. The teams are trying to develop and build innovative biosensing systems using an established heart failure marker NT-proBNP as the target molecule. The teams will have 10 months to work on this challenge and in September 2017 the teams will demonstrate their results and compete for the measurement of the marker.

At HyTest we have been studying proBNP and its derivatives including NT-proBNP intensively for several years and we are glad that we can support SensUs by providing the teams with the essential raw materials they need for assay development: purified NT-proBNP, selected monoclonal antibodies and BNP depleted plasma.

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Further information

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