HyTest SES-BNP and IGFBP-4 Patents

Published: 23.06.2015


The patent “Immunoassay for quantification of an unstable antigen selected from BNP and ProBNP”, patent no. US 9,034,592 B2, describes a novel method for the detection of BNP and proBNP in plasma samples. SES-BNP-technology uses two antibodies whereupon the primary antibody detects an epitope located in a stable ring structure of BNP while the secondary antibody binds the complex formed by the primary antibody and BNP. Thanks to this unique detection scheme, unlike some of the contemporary BNP-assays, SES-BNP-technology is not susceptible to N- and C-terminus truncation. The first commercial SES-BNP-technology based assay was launched on the market this year.

SES-BNP and its performance has been evaluated in the following articles.

Further information regarding SES-BNP-technology is also available here: “Single Epitope Sandwich” (SES) assay TechNotes


The HyTest patent “Detection of IGFBP-4 fragments as a diagnostic method”, patent no. EP 2 448 969, describes the use of PAPP-A cleaved IGFBP-4 fragments as predictors of major acute cardiac events. Preliminary results have shown that IGFBP-4 fragments could serve as more reliable risk markers than some of the other markers that are currently in use. The first commercial IGFBP-4 research using only the ELISA-kit will be made available by Mercodia (Sweden) in just a few months’ time.

IGFBP-4 and its use as a predictor has been described in the following articles:

Further information regarding IGFBP-4 is also available here: HyTest Proprietary IGFBP-4 Technology TechNotes

For additional information on technology licensing terms please contact You can also meet us at this year’s AACC in Atlanta to discuss things in more detail. We will be at booth #3751.

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