New Team Member - North America Sales Manager Karen Smith

Published: 31.10.2019

undefinedWe are delighted to introduce our latest team member, Karen Smith.

With effect from October 2019, Karen has been the North America Sales Manager of HyTest.

She has extensive experience from sales and business development in various companies in the IVD and pharmaceutical industries, including SDIX, Aalto Scientific and Scripps Laboratories.

We hope that having Karen on board will enable us to provide even better support to our North American customers with regard to their projects.

Read below Karen's short inteview right after she started:

What are your expectations and how do you think that things will change now that you are on board?
My plan is to increase business by introducing new customers to HyTest high quality reagent product line and develop long lasting relationships. In addition, strengthen existing customer base by introducing additional HyTest antibody and antigen products to improve their assay performance.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
One of the most exciting aspects of my job, is attending industry related academic symposiums to learn about new biomarkers for diagnosing disease. HyTest has a long established history for leading the diagnostic industry with the development of Troponin I and other related cardiac biomarkers used in clinical practice. Equally exciting, is introducing the industry to these leading reagents to support assay research and development efforts for those biomarkers.

What kind of changes do you see coming in the next few years in your work and the diagnosis of diseases? What are likely to be the future trends?
Future trends in diagnosing disease will continue to include cardiac and related biomarkers. In the US there are 78.8 million baby boomers and 65.8 million Gen X. As these populations advance cardiac and other related disease biomarkers markers will continue to grow. HyTest has invested resourses into new product development to support industry trends an remain industry leaders for critical raw materials to support research and development efforts of our customers now and in the future for the diagnostic industry.

What would you say are the main pain points in the current cardiac disease diagnostics?
Diagnostics is a rapidly growing industry and has its challenges and not all suppliers put their efforts into supporting a strong pipeline. HyTest R&D investment allows us to continue to be the leaders for critical raw materials for IVD industry.

Thank you Karen for an interview and once more warmly welcome to HyTest team!

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