New Team Member - CCO Juhana Rauramo

Published: 25.09.2019

undefinedWe are delighted to introduce our latest team member, Juhana Rauramo.

With effect from September 2019, Juhana has been the Chief Commercial Officer of HyTest and a member of the management team.

He has previously held management positions in various companies in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and venture capital industries.

We hope that having Juhana on board will enable us to provide even better support to our customers with regard to their projects and we are ready to take the next steps in terms of helping our customers to solve their challenges.

Read below Juhana's short inteview right after he started as CCO:

What are your expectations and how do you think that things will change now that you are on board?
I will focus on continuously improving the customer experience with regard to using HyTest products and services, as well as increasing brand awareness and sales resources in order to better meet the market demand for new products.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I especially enjoy working together with my fellow team members, setting and reaching challenging targets, and building relationships with customers.

What kind of changes do you see coming in the next few years in your work and the diagnosis of diseases? What are likely to be the future trends?
I expect to see an increase in the use of disease-specific diagnostic panels. In addition, I think there will be a continuing increase in preventative healthcare, including tests for disease risk assessment.

What would you say are the main pain points in the current cardiac disease diagnostics?
Firstly, further decreasing the turnaround time for relevant test results will help to ensure rapid treatment decisions and improved patient outcomes. In addition, making sure that different patient groups are diagnosed with equal precision is an important factor.

Thank you Juhana for an interview and once more warmly welcome to HyTest!

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