NEW! Recombinant Feline SAA Protein

Published: 31.10.2018

Serum amyloid A is used as an inflammatory marker in different animals. In cats, it is the only biomarker that shows a rapid and significant response to inflammation.

We now provide two recombinant feline SAA proteins:
8FS5 Recombinant feline serum amyloid A (SAA)
8FT7 Recombinant feline serum amyloid A, non-tagged (NEW!)

Please note that both proteins will be available also in the future. Their performance differs slightly depending on the assay conditions so we recommend our customers to test both products for their suitability.

8FT7 Promotion - free of charge samples:
Current 8FS5 customers: We offer all our current 8FS5 customers 0.05 mg of the new protein free of charge.
New customers: Buy 0.1 mg or more of 8FS5 for evaluation and get 0.05 mg of 8FT7 for free.

Conditions of the promotion: In order to receive a free of charge sample of the new tag free protein, we ask you to give us feedback on its performance and suitability to your platform. This will help us to support our customers better in the future .

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