Team Members

We are proud to introduce our team members for the anniversary campaign. Our Project Manager Alexander Postnikov will participate in the Science category, Sales and Marketing Director Jukka Lehikoinen will participate in the Education category,  Project Manager Alexander Semenov will join our team in the Solutions category, our member of the team for the Environment category is Solja Kirsiaho and Soozy Xi the General Manager of the HyTest China is participating in the People category.


Alexander Postnikov is one of the team members working on the solutions under the Science category in our anniversary campaign. Alexander is our Project Manager and he is interested in immunoassay development, research clinical studies, and recombinant antibodies development.

Alexander has participated in the development of the Cystatin C and PAPP-A immunoassays, as well as recombinant TPO antigen. He also participated in the invention of novel biomarkers for cardiac risk assessment – IGFBP-4 fragments, which are now patented by HyTest.


Meanwhile, one of the team members in our Education category is our Sales and Marketing Director, Jukka Lehikoinen. He has worked for HyTest for 20 years and has been with us almost since the very beginning.

Jukka is an expert in international sales and marketing, and he knows how to determine the scope of solutions needed for our customers to realize success.


Alexander Semenov will join our team in the Solutions category. He is an acknowledged scientist and he has worked with our products for over 14 years. Since 2005, Alexander has been involved in various different research projects that have focused on B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP). The results of these studies were presented at high level conferences and were indeed twice honored with National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry distinguished abstract awards (USA, AACC meetings, 2008 and 2016).



Our member of the team for the Environment category is Solja Kirsiaho. Solja is studying Chemical and Materials Engineering, while at the same time she is passionately committed to developing new ways for us to minimize our environmental footprint.


 New! People

Soozy Xi will join our team in the People category. She is the General Manager of the HyTest China subsidiary. She joined HyTest in 2011. Before that she worked at biotech companies in various positions, which were mostly sales and marketing related. Her educational background is a degree in biotechnology from Zhejiang University. Being the General Manager of HyTest China and having built the team from zero, Soozy sees people as the most precious treasure.


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