Our categories

During the course of 2019, we will be announcing five different categories for our actions. For each category we will call together a team that will have just one year to innovate a grand total of 25 different actions that will make our mission real.


We are renowned and recognized for providing several products in the area of non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and chronic kidney diseases. Our aim is to continue to develop new products in order to help diagnostics of the non-communicable diseases.


Our continuous investment in R&D combined with our close collaboration with the scientific community have helped us to progress rapidly as a company. Our highly experienced and professional colleagues regularly publish articles and also speak and put together posters at international conferences.


In May 2019, we were sponsoring a young scientist via our EFLM-HyTest Cardiac Marker Award. Meanwhile, in 2020 we will be giving out the IFCC award. We also want to increase the awareness of different biomarkers by producing compelling online material and delivering interesting lectures at various events.


We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our waste during the year and to focus on recycling and renewing the packaging materials that we use.


We have a lot to offer the world and we intend to share some of it with our neighboring communities in Turku, Shanghai and Moscow.

Team members

We are proud to introduce our team members for the anniversary campaign. For each category, we have put together a team and here we introduce five team members in more detail.

Latest actions

During our anniversary year, we will collect a total of 25 different actions that will make our mission real.
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