Veterinary Diagnostics

At HyTest, we aim to offer the best-in-class veterinary diagnostics solutions that are based on scientifically developed products and a clear understanding of market and the needs of the end-users.

In veterinary diagnostics, the immunodiagnostic tests utilized are often based on assays that were originally developed for human diagnostics.  Our goal is to develop species-specific raw materials that allow the development of reliable and accurate immunoassays for animals.

Our antibody offering ranges from detecting infectious diseases causing viruses to cardiac markers and hormones. In addition to antibodies, we  also offer a selection of purified antigens – either recombinant or native.

Product support materials

•    Caliciviridae (norovirus) TechNotes
•    Canine TSH TechNotes
•    Canine NT-proBNP TechNotes
•    Canine CRP (cCRP) TechNotes
•    Feline, Canine and Equine Serum Amyloid A (SAA) TechNotes
•    Veterinary Brochure

Veterinary diagnostics products

Monoclonal antibodies

Supporting Assistance Dogs

This year, HyTest also contributed funds to the assistance dogs. The dogs are owned by The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities and handed out to their users free of charge. Read more here.