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During our anniversary year, we will collect a total of 25 different actions for 5 distinct categories: Solutions, Education, People, Environment and Science. For each category, we have put together a team that will have just one year to innovate a grand total of 25 different actions that will make our mission real.

You can read here more detailed information about our actions. Feel free to use all of our findings in your own business. If you have any questions, we look forward to answering them. Let's make a difference!

Solutions, 04-2019
New products available: We have new AMH MAbs available. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a dimeric glycoprotein that is produced by granulosa cells in females and it is currently considered to be the most reliable biomarker for the assessment of ovarian reserve in women. Read more here.

Science, 04-2019 
We have published a new article: Full-Size and Partially Truncated Cardiac Troponin Complexes in the Blood of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction, published by Clinical Chemistry. You can read the article by clicking here and discover more about our troponins by downloading the Troponin I Booklet.

Environment, 04-2019
We are reducing waste throughout the year. In particular through our shipment process, we are trying to reduce the usage of plastics and paper as we send so many thousands of packages every year around the world. As a first step, we are now only sending PDF invoices and this means we are helping to reduce waste. Therefore, we are no longer sending any paper invoices with the packages. Just contact our customer service at if you have any questions regarding this change.

Education, 04-2019
We recently sponsored the 4th Cardiac Marker Dialogues meeting. “High Sensitivity” Cardiac Troponin – Still Got It After All These Years: Is There Anything New Around The Corner?"  Read more here.



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